Hi! I'm Sarah Lauren... Content Copywriter for teachers and guides bringing healthy love, sex, and relating into the world one client at a time.

As a writer, I deeply believe the reclamation of unconditional love for all is the key to ending exploitation in our modern world.

That's why I use storytelling to help sex, love, and relationship coaches, as well as course creators, reach their audience.

What would happen if you could help more people remember who they are?

I believe the world would be a better place.

4.5 million people worldwide are victims of forced sexual exploitation. One in six endangered runaways in the United States will likely become a sex trafficking victim.

As a survivor, I know there's a way for these men, women, and children to regain their sovereignty.

That's why I want to help you empower your clients with captivating welcome email sequences, encouraging newsletters, long-form blog content, and whatever else you need.

Let me help you make the world a better place by helping you reach more clients. The ultimate goal is conscious intimacy, deeper relationships, and unconditional self love.

You need a copywriter who understands your mission and shares your mindset. The more we align, the better I can inspire with your brand voice.

Click the link below to see some of the ways I can help you do that.

What I can help you with...

SEO Content Writing


I'll help you stay up to date on the latest SEO best practices. Build your content based on what your audience is searching for. Keyword research and inbound/outbound linking.

Demand Generation Copywriting


Now that you've built your audience, it's time to engage them! I write gated content, landing pages, and emails that convert visitors into qualified leads.

Email Nurture Campaigns


It's time to get outrageous and add some fun to your emails. Nurture your subscribers with value. Click worthy emails will boost your brand in record time!

Web Copy


Your website is your operational base. It can streamline your brand message, voice, and mission. I write and update web pages for SEO, UX, with storytelling that converts! Let's give your voice the amplification it deserves so the clients who need you most can find you.

Case Studies


I'll help you publish customer stories that inspire your ideal audience to take the leap! I get to the heart of your client's before and after experience. Organizing your testimonials in a way that helps your gifts truly shine.

Social Media Copy


Tell your brand's story with long-form social posts. The world needs you. I love showing your growing audience what makes you special. I curate a personalized formula tailored to attract those who were meant for your transmission.

Alchemizing Exploitation

Alchemizing Exploitation begins with an exploration into the very heart of human sex trafficking in the US. Sarah combines data with heart, revealing the magnitude of slavery in the current age.

Sarah explores how it happens, the way the trauma affects behavior, and the global issue at hand. It can happen to anyone.

This book answers the question: how does a survivor of sex trafficking reclaim their sovereignty and step into freedom?




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