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I had a dream that I merged with my higher self.

She was a little blonde girl radiating magic. And she was hiding in a closet.

I heard her father's voice from just outside the closet door, asking if she was ready to come out.

The little girl asked if she was in heaven. The voice outside the closet said, yes, you’ve been here all along.

Trauma is a part of everyone's life and often makes us hide. From life, each other, and even ourselves.

This is a natural response to maintain survival. When we get stuck in the cycle of hiding, we can lose ourselves.

Sometimes, just making the decision to heal is the catalyst for transformation.

Slavery isn't isolated to the 4.5 million people worldwide who are living in forced sexual exploitation. It's far more prevalent than that.

We become slaves to negative thoughts, the broken medical systems we give our power to, and societal standards that negate true integrity.

Acknowledging this reality is the first step towards freedom.

My healing started when I opened my heart to the part of me that didn’t want to be forgotten—the little girl who lost her magic.

Trapped emotions can manifest as disease. Maybe you’ve been repeating the same self destructive patterns because an unhealed part of you wants to be heard. We all have an inner child that needs a little extra care.

I hope to empower you to nurture yourself into a place of power and remembrance that will change your life.

If you're tired of burying your head in the sand to ignore your pain… you're welcome to make your way out of the closet with me.

You might be surprised at the beautiful world of your creation, right outside the door.

Some might even call it heaven.  

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