Alchemizing Exploitation

How to Reclaim Your Personal Sovereignty

In a world where the undercurrent of sexual exploitation runs deeper than you may know, "Alchemizing Exploitation" takes you on the courageous journey of a survivor.

Sarah's story begins with an exploration into the very heart of human sex trafficking in the US through her personal experience. She combines data with heart, revealing the magnitude and severity of slavery in the current age.

As a survivor, Sarah explores how it happened, the way the trauma affected her behavior, and the global issue at hand. It can happen to anyone. This book answers the question: how does a survivor of sex trafficking reclaim their personal sovereignty?

Best American Towns to Move To

Rediscover Small Town America

Are you tired of spending all your income on the cost of living in big cities? With so many changes to our economy in the last few years, many people wonder where they can find a sustainable place to live in America.

This eBook explores living costs in towns across the United States.

Historically, people have flocked to big cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. However, there has been a recent shift to more rural settings.

While Sarah explores some large cities, she focuses on the little towns growing rapidly because of their lower cost of living.

This eBook educates people on opportunities within the United States by highlighting sustainable micro-economies. Rediscover small-town America with some of the best-kept secrets in the country.

Holistic Transformation

Rediscover Your Natural Power

This 4 part on demand course empowers students to reclaim their natural state of wellness. It is a carefully crafted roadmap to guide people to a balanced and vibrant life, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

Featuring 21 in-depth video lessons. Each lesson is thoughtfully curated to provide practical insights and actionable steps toward reclaiming wellness and breaking free from the mainstream health industry.

Access to the course content is unlimited. Perfect for quick learners or students who prefer a more gradual pace. Lifetime access ensures they can revisit the material at their convenience.

Money-Back Guarantee: I believe in the transformative power of this course. If students don't experience the positive changes anticipated, I offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

24/7 Email Support: Students will feel supported throughout their journey with 24/7 email assistance. I am ready to address queries, provide guidance, and offer encouragement whenever needed.

This course goes beyond traditional learning—each video lesson is complemented by interactive worksheets, fostering a dynamic and participatory educational experience. By the end of the program, students will not only understand the principles of holistic wellness but have the tools to embody them in their everyday lives.

Holistic Transformation is more than just a course; it's a way to break free from external sources of healthcare that are ineffective and expensive—providing students with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to reclaim their natural state of health.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Learn exactly what parasites are commonly found in the human body. This course teaches you step by step how to rid yourself of any and all parasites.

This is my own method that I put together with professional guidance and use on myself. I'm not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination.

Over the years, I’ve gathered this holistic wellness information from Amish communities, remote apothecaries, holistic practitioners, and ancient wisdom teachings.

This method of cleansing comes from my own experience, and it works! The results I got were profound, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Many of us unknowingly harbor parasites in our bodies. Sapping our energy and compromising our overall health. You don't need an expensive spa retreat or specialist to regain control of your health and cleanse your body from these intruders. With this course, you can achieve remarkable results from the comfort of your own home.

Using herbs and teas, this all-natural guide will walk you through removing toxins on every level of your being.

Holistic Products

Explore this curated collection of wellness essentials.

Whether you are looking to detox your body from heavy metals or increase your oxygen intake to calm your mind; these products are for you!

I have used and personally recommend each product on this page.

Additionally, these are affiliate links. If you purchase via my website, I will make a small commission on sales.


Classic Shift

The Shift helps you combat anxiety by slowing your breathing. It's a functional, elegant piece of jewelry that you wear against your heart, both as a tool and a reminder to protect your wellbeing.

Inspired by the Komuso monks of 17th century Japan. They used bamboo "shakuhachi" flute as a healing modality and a method of attaining enlightenment.

This tool slows your exhale to 8+ seconds which triggers your vagus nerve to calm your nervous system. Stress triggers short inhales which launches you into 'fight or flight' mode. Extending your exhales immediately reverses this state within two minutes by lowering cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Designed, tested, and patented by a psychotherapist who used proven data about how breathing effects your mind.

Touchstone Essentials

Pure Body Extra Zeolite

This Zeolite spray is safe and effective for assisting the body with flushing out harmful heavy metal toxins. A nanosized mineral formed by volcanic ash mixing with sea water over millions of years, this item is all natural.

Can be used 3 times a day by spraying 4 times directly in the mouth.

Everyday exposure to toxins can impact your immune system, interfere with sleep, and affect energy and focus.

I am not a doctor, I recommend this product based on personal experience using on myself and my children to improve immunity, cognitive function, and energy. Please consult with your healthcare professional.


Abigail P.

"The shift is a beautiful piece of jewelry and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. I didn’t really expect much. I was wanting to give up my casual smoking habit as well. I like the weight of it against my chest. It helps with the oral fixation part when you stop smoking. And it has really helped me breath deeply more often. The shift has been a helpful tool for me to increase my intake of oxygen."

Komuso Design

Alysia A.

"I love and would recommend this product to everyone!! It is so easy for me to incorporate into my everyday routine. I am amazed at the level to which this product detoxes the body, and it has helped me in my overall health.

I have been giving Pure Body Extra Zeolite to my 2 almost 3 yr old son who is autistic and this has helped him so much with sensory!”

Touchstone Essentials

Stacy S.

"Sarah's eBook, 'Best American Towns to Move to in 2023,' helped our family find the perfect place to settle into our remote lifestyle. Her thoughtful recommendations and detailed insights helped us transition out of city living. It's like having a trusted friend guide you through this important decision. Thanks to her, I'm now living my dream life in a beautiful town."

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